Donald Edward Peters, Semi- Retired Software Developer in Kyiv, Ukraine

I am now semi-retired and living in Comfort Town which is an upscale part of Kyiv in Ukraine.  I bought a condo (apartment) and moved here in the spring of 2018.  The language is still a little problem but everything else has been a pleasant surprise.

Actually I do have 1 regret about moving here.  I should have done it sooner!

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This is the first of several slideshows that will be on this page.  This is the main room of my home. I own this Condo/apartment.  I few details:

  • All of the floor tiles in the main room are porcelain tile.
  • The stone wall is real stone.  Thin, but real.
  • My next project is a safety reailing for the stairs.
  • The following project is air conditioning.
  • Most of the lighting in the entire apartment is LED
  • I am directly on fiber and the speed is 1000 gigabits in both directions.  This is 10 times as fast as the fastest residential internet in the USA and 20 times as fast as Americans typically have.  The bill is $10 a month.

My total cost of ownership, taxes, fees, utilities, etc. is under $500 a month.   I'll let you know in a couple of months just how far under.

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